Seville's History and Monuments Virtual tour

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Immerse yourself in the heritage left by the Muslims, Christians, Jews, Africans, and Gypsies in Seville, the legacy they left and how that legacy has influenced here in our gastronomy, folklore and our way to be and to live.

Seville has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We have one of the biggest and most beautiful city centers in Europe. Come with me to explore online the narrowest streets of Santa Cruz neighborhood (the old Jewish quarter of the city) and the secrets hidden in Seville. I will tell you the history and legends from around its corners as well as the most important monuments in the southern area of the city.

Your tour can be personalized in any way. Let me know your requests, and I'll adapt the experience to make your wishes come true.

When you book the experience I will write you an email with the instructions and set the time (depends on where are you from and your time zone).


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Min 2 people/Max 15 people
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Mon, Wed, Fri
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25€ per person
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