Game of Thrones Virtual Tour

Game of Thrones fans, this is a must-do tour! Step into the beautiful kingdom of Dorne and explore the Water Gardens of Sunspear. Wander through the royal palace of Alcazar following the footsteps of the Martell's and hear fascinating behind the scenes stories.

Are you a big Game of Thrones fan? Me too! Join me on a private tour to the royal palace of Alcazar better known in the show as the Kingdom of Dorne and the Water Gardens of Sunspear. Alcazar is so beautiful that even the creators of the show said the palace was perfectly designed just for them.

I was born and raised in Seville, and at the same time, I love watching Games of Thrones. That is why I am the host you need to show you and tell you more about the scenes that took place here. I love meeting new people and talking about the series with them. Every GoT fan knows that they can not miss a walk through the Watergardens and Sunspear. So come and join me!

The Royal Alcazar Palace in Sevilla was the set for southern Westeros, the home of Prince Doran Martell, and the fiery and vengeful Oberyn's daughters. The palace is also a breathtaking monument, declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you will admire beautiful and colorful ceramic tiles and delightful renaissance gardens with fountains, flowers, a maze, and secret and romantic retreats.

We will also explore together other sets like Italica (King's Landing Dragonpit), Almodovar del Rio (High Garden) or Osuna (Daznat pit).

As a passionate Game of Thrones fan, in addition to showing you the different locations of the shooting set, I will also tell you lots of anecdotes and funny stories only the locals know about. Besides, you will not believe how similar the real stories of the Royal Alcazar and the stories George R. R. Martin wrote in Game of Thrones are.

*When you book the experience you will receive an email with instructions to set the time of the tour, depending on the Time zone you are in.

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Min 1 person/Max 10 people
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Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
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25€ per person
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