Evening tour+dinner

The capital of Andalusia is a city that surprises everyone who visits it, but once the sunset starts and the old street lights turn on, it seems that a special magic appears and it covers all the ancient streets and the stone pavement. The result is a romantic atmosphere that makes the old City Centre a lovely place to walk around.

Walk through the streets of Seville during the sunset and night, explore the unknown areas of the city centre with a local guide who will explain to you the monuments and bring you the history and old legends alive. Finally, you will go to a restaurant in the Old Jewish Quarter (Santa Cruz neighborhood) where you will enjoy our gastronomy with the highest gourmet quality.

This is the perfect option for a first contact with the city, as it will permit you to know the highlights and have a dinner in a lovely atmosphere. It is ideal for the first day in Seville after resting a little bit in the hotel. 

How long?: 
The walking tour is around 2 hours, the dinner is as long as you want.
How many people?: 
Minimun 2/Maximum 15 people
When does it start?: 

Everyday at 7:30 pm

Where does it start?: 
At Plaza del Triunfo, under Virgin Inmaculate statue
How much does it cost?: 
50€ per person. The dinner includes 5 tapas, 2 drinks and a dessert. Please let us know any allergies or specific diet you follow.
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