Travel to Andalusia from your sofa

We know the confinement is not easy to stand and, many of us have been canceled the holidays for now, but we have to keep calm… all this has an end and we could take back all our parked plans. And there’re people that hadn’t planned their holidays yet, so now it's perfect to plan and take notes about all these destinies that you didn’t visit yet. To have an enjoyable quarantine and help in your future plans, we bring here a collection of Andalusian monuments and museums to visit virtually.

It made us more enjoyable work, remembering and visiting some places that usually we explain almost every day. We recommend having “Adobe Flash Player” ready to use on your computer, and if you have some 3D glasses at home, is the moment to use it! We are going to travel on our sofa!

  1. The Giralda tower, Seville.

In this simulation you can climb up the Giralda, the most symbolic Sevillian tower and the remembering of three cultures convivence in the city, and without getting a little tired. Apart from the beautiful views, this tower can show you, if you would like to come here this summer, you can find hotels with a terrace pool!

  1. The Alhambra Palace, Granada.

If you didn’t have already the opportunity to visit this amazing World Heritage, now we bring it close to your house. The Alhambra was the palace where lived the Nazarí dynasties of the Granada Kingdom until the 15th century. Get lost during hours in it stucco details. It will be your first place in your “pendant places to visit” list! Click here to visit the Alhambra Palace.

  1. Cathedral-Mosque of Córdoba.

In this link you can visit the Cathedral-Mosque of Córdoba, another World Heritage that conserves the golden Al-ándalus period in Spain, integrating the Christian period also. It will leave you open-mouthed. Besides the Cathedral you could visit other places as the “Plaza del Potro”, the Christian Kings Alcázar, and the flowers alley, clicking on the sides arrows… a full walk around Córdoba plenty of very useful information. Perfect to plan your next escape!

  1. Medina Azahara Archeological Site, Córdoba.

Clicking here you will visit directly to the Madīnat al-Zahrā Museum and also part of the archaeological site. Although the beautiful pictures, I would like to insist on include this stop as a need visit in your Cordoba weekend. In the summer nights, they offer theatrical guided visits. ¡Fabulous views!

  1. Roman theatre, Málaga.

This link of “Málaga Virtual” ( you could visit from inside the Málaga Roman theatre, one of the alive symbols of the Roman Hispania in the city, discovered in 1951. Tips: unlock the padlock at the right to have free movement in the monument.

  1. Málaga Alcazaba.

Another walk of “Málaga Virtual”. This is, as the same as the monument, bigger than the other one. The Málaga fortified city is from the years 1057 and 1063. As the Muslim historians say it was built by the king of Berber taifa of Granada, “Badis”. Tips: unlock the padlock, and don’t forget to check the vaults details in the ceilings of the towers.

  1. Baelo Claudia Archaeological Site, Cádiz.

If you feel excited to go to the beach I bring you here a visit to the Archaeological Site of Bolonia Beach: Baelo Claudia. A Roman city settled in the Cádiz coast that was devastated by a tsunami. You'll walk in a big part of the site and enjoy the views with the Atlantic sea as background and, while you're at it, note down “Bolonia Beach” for this summer.

  1. Itálica, Archaeological Site of Santiponce, Seville.

Obviously, if we talk about archaeological sites can’t miss in this post the rich roman city of Italica. Ubicated in the Down part of Guadalquivir River, between Híspalis (Seville) and Ilipa (Alcalá de Guadaíra). Also, this place was used in the last two seasons of Game of Thrones as the "Dragon Pit" set. In support of the monument, if this virtual visit didn’t impress you enough is because the site is been improving a lot in these last years, with more excavations and a better presentation and, thanks to the interest in making it a World Heritage in four years. When the quarantine pass, come on with us to relive Game of Thrones and to know the history of this strategic city in the Roman Seville!

We love the variety of art and culture, so we also bring a couple of Museums. There’re Thyssen Museum and Contemporary Art Museum, both in Málaga.

  1. Thyssen Museum, Málaga.

This Museum is dedicated to the conservation, research, and dissemination of the Carmen Thyssen Collection in order to emphasize the value of Spanish painting, especially that of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Among the collections, which are in total 28, we can find titles as “Arab Fantasy. Orientalist Spanish paintings (1860-1900)” that was recently its premiere, and very known names as Van Gogh, Monet or Sorolla. Click here to visit the virtual collection.

  1. Contemporary Art Museum.

The Málaga CAC offers four digital collections called: “Romanza”, the first Miguel Gómez Losada exposition; “A Brief Intermission” from the American Hernan Bas, the first artist shows in a Spanish Museum; “Neighbours IV” and  “Pasión II”. To enjoy the art!


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