sevilla4real post-covid19

Today I want to write a more personal post. Sevilla4Real is a small company that was born in 2014, a project that has been growing step by step, very little by little and without haste, like a baby who is cared for and whom you love more and more. Like a garden in which you plant little by little, you try different plants, and one day you discover that you can collect the fruits, being a hard path but so rewarding and satisfying that when you collect the fruits you realize that is very much worth the effort to see your project grow. And that is how it is to start a business...

The beginnings were exciting, we worked from home, we projected and created new thematic routes and tours, trying to differentiate ourselves from the market that already existed (a difficult task), putting a lot of love in each product created. The investment was little and we were able to afford a very modest website, but we work day by day and save to be able to change it over time.

We tried the tours that we had created with so much love with friends and colleagues, with invited people who gave us their opinion and helped us by building reviews to improve them. What good memories of that first stage!

Little by little we were growing, we were able to rent an office to work and hire guides, we had also the last two years internships Erasmus students from Europe, an experience that I recommend 100% and we have advanced with our products, creating, changing and combining new possibilities. In this 5-year journey, we have made many friends, attended fairs such as FITUR (exhausting but equally fun and fruitful), and made business with many partners, other small Andalusian entrepreneurs, whom we can already call friends.

2020 was going to be a great year for Sevilla4Real, we were taking the step of being a Travel Agency, and we had already arranged some long trips around Andalusia with small groups. We were growing a lot, we had all Holy Week and the Fair full of beautiful tours, from visits to farms to walks through the Real de la Feria de Abril thorough explanations of the most beautiful brotherhoods in the city and many more new projects. All of this, due to the health crisis, has had to be postponed. But we are not going to give up.

We have temporarily left the office and set it up at home. We have been forced to do an ERTE, hoping that it will end soon. We have stopped making tours but we have worked a lot at home creating new products that will see the light very soon, such as "Painting tiles in Triana", "Tasting of Andalusian Oils" or the new ONLINE TOURS that are already on sale and that you can find on this website. We have continued to create and share content on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin. 

We have also worked hard to offer 3, 5, and 8-day trips to Portugal and Morocco that they will see the light very soon. We are continuing with this and we will shortly announce dates and news when we know for sure if we are going to be able to travel, when and under what conditions and security measures.

And next week we already start with routes through Seville, for only € 6 per person! (Of course with all security measures) In maximum groups of 20 people. A plan for these dates to Re-Known our city in a fun and truthful way. We take out a tour every Saturday in June and leave you the information here. (ONLY IN SPANISH)

I wanted to write this post to thank you for being there. For helping small Spanish companies and supporting us as much and in as many ways as possible (going to our routes, telling your friends or family, following us on social networks, sharing our content, and much more) Don't stop doing it now that it is when it is most needed!

As you can see we follow the philosophy of "reinvent yourself or die". We must adapt to new times and circumstances, continue to look forward with optimism and work to achieve our goals.


Lola Rubio