We have gathered in an article five of the preferred hotels for us, choosing among the different services, prices, location and themes that the chosen hotels offer, all this so that you can have a broad reference to what Seville can give you or as far as you can adapt to your needs when you come to visit the city.


Located next to the Church of Santa María la Blanca, this hotel that at first sight seems simple makes it very clear that when you pass through its doors you can feel inside in a Seville that for many Seville is also unknown.

This hotel is completed with a total of 134 rooms, each different in structure and decoration, are loaded with history and personality. In fact, the names of some of them recall some historical facts or characters that inhabited these houses during the long history of the neighborhood: Duque de Béjar, Christobal Columbus, Conde Villamanrique… To access the rooms you have to walk through its more than forty courtyards, gardens, tunnels, and labyrinthine interior streets. Walking through this hotel is like walking through the old neighborhood that here conserves its ambient, gives us an idea of how these streets could be in the past, with its fountains, statues, pedestals, columns, flooring, and furniture of the time, amphoras, botijos, part of old walls … We can say that it is almost a museum. The name of "Las Casas de la Judería" has been given to be located in the old Jewish quarter, even more, if it can be specified next to the old synagogue that today is the Church of Santa María La Blanca. Besides all these benefits, it’s situated very near to the main city monuments.

And if that all weren't enough “Las Casas de la Judería”, in addition to all its charm, enjoys an exclusive area: “Las Termas de Híspalis”, a Spa that offers various aesthetic and health treatments by specialists. The place is remembering of the ancient Roman baths that Híspalis probably once had, due to its decoration: marble tesserae representing gods and mythological marine animals. Inspired and designed like the ancient Roman baths, this place will really make you travel to Ancient Rome to give you a relaxing moment.

For these main reasons we have chosen it as one of our first favorite hotels, besides the staff is always charming.



Very near to the "Casa Pilatos" palace, this hotel situated in one of the main streets of urban articulation of the city, has more than 100 rooms and a wonderful space recently renovated and updated in all its services, such as an indoor pool and a beautiful Restaurant -Bar where you can enjoy an assorted and excellent breakfast for all tastes. And also, if you need it, they will give you free transport to the airport, what else can you ask for?

Well, even still something else: to get to the center you will have to walk inside the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter, where getting lost will be the best adventure you will live in Seville. Its fresh and aromatic streets, monuments and hidden courtyards give Santa Cruz that charm and atmosphere different from the rest of the city.

Also at the Hotel Catalonia Giralda, upon request, you can stay with your pet if you wish. But remember to inform the receptionists before arriving at the hotel!

For this reasons, it has become another of our distinguished hotels in Seville.


This hotel is one of the newest in our city, because it has recently opened and enjoys modern facilities and a design decoration but maintaining its essence of the historic house it was. “La Parada del Marqués” offers to you a breakfast room, a spacious salon, a very cozy courtyard on the first floor, common areas for leisure, and a large terrace/solarium where you can enjoy those sunny rays that Seville gives all the days of the year. The decoration that follows the place is very eclectic: it combines antique furniture in common areas with details of the most actual design trends.

It also has a detail, which in our opinion gives an added great value, and is that this hotel is pet-friendly, you can come to visit Seville with your pet and stay at "La Parada del Marqués" without any problem. It is something that in recent years has begun to be introduced in hotels and hospitality services, but currently, there aren't many places that have this detail. La Parada del Marqués is without a doubt a hotel that is being well received in Seville, not only by its offers but for the place where it's located and of course, for welcoming travelers with pets!

And that's why it has become another of our favorite hotels.


Walking through the Santa Cruz neighborhood in the heart of Seville, we can find the Amadeus Hotel, a hotel artfully themes in Classical Music, a theme also linked to the city history. This hotel combines charm, comfort, hospitality, tranquility, and culture in just one building. In the past, it was an old 18th-century noble patio-house, adapted to be a hotel, leaving the structure and authentic Sevillian style. Inside there is a central courtyard where you can enjoy all types of musical instruments and a grand piano ready to be played, and a wonderful terrace where you can enjoy the views of the Cathedral and its famous bell tower, the Seville's Giralda tower. On this terrace, you can enjoy a breakfast or an orange wine from Seville at any time of the day, which the hotel gives to its guests.

You will feel deep into a charming and bohemian atmosphere, like the atmosphere that one day breathed in the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

The ingenious thematic, the ambient, the services it offers and the location make this hotel one of those that we love.


The "Patio de la Alameda" is a 19th-century palace converted into a very peculiar hotel located in the central and alternative Alameda de Hercules Square in Seville. Upon getting inside the building we can find three typical Andalusian courtyards filled with flowers and plants, decorated with earthy and indigo colors so characteristic of the city, creating a cool and cozy ambient at the same time, and also that spell that embellished the Seville nights. In addition, this old little Palace was the house of the famous sculptor Antonio Susillo, so the loveliness of this hotel is also by the inspiration that this gentleman brought to the place.

And if that weren't enough, its privileged situation adds value to the hotel: When you open the doors of the hotel you will find the famous Alameda de Hercules. A peculiar and attractive space for both tourists and locals, and with that bohemian and alternative touch that Seville boasts, due to the variety of ambient in our city, with many bars terraces, cafes, and pubs where any time of day will be good to enjoy what it offers. Doubtlessly a charming hotel in a unique and exclusive enclave in the center of Seville as well as a very friendly service.

For this reason, it's another of our hotels chosen as favorites.

If you plan to come to Seville and you need help with your hotel booking write to us at and we will try to help you with everything you need.