Gastronomy of Huelva. Elevating your senses

The gastronomy of Huelva is always a claim for those who visit the province, and it is no wonder. From north to south, Huelva has a wide variety of local products that, as the slogan of Turismo de Huelva says, "elevates your senses". Let's review what they are:

The white prawn is, along with the ham, the most sought after product. It has its own seal of quality, since it is a really special product found in the Gulf of Cádiz. Although it can be eaten in an omelette or salad, there is nothing like cooking them, adding salt and directly to the mouth (always peeling it before). The white prawn is so characteristic that there are specialized fairs for tasting it in Huelva, Punta Umbría and Isla Cristina.

The Jabugo (or Iberic) Ham. Another classic. When you raise the Iberian pig in the Sierra de Aracena freely, in the pasture; and you feed it with acorn, the product we obtain is ham with the Jabugo Denomination of Origin. Who has not been delighted with its taste? As the elderly of the area say, "they take advantage of the pig to their gait." If ham is a delight, the rest of the pork is no less so, and in Huelva they know it well. Grilled or with rice, there are many restaurants specialized in this products and recipes to get the most out of them.

Strawberries. Huelva is the European capital of strawberries, as it is the largest producer in Europe. There are those who take it without anything, who put a little sugar or cream on it. Or those who use it as the perfect complement to cakes and pastries.

The Choco and the coquinas. The official name of Huelva is "Onubense", but walking around the house is "choquero". And there are many dishes that can be tasted with this product. The most typical, the fried cuttlefish, with that characteristic batter. Also grilled, grilled or chopped with a mince. And the most shocking stew, beans with cuttlefish, a real delicacy. Another classic of the sea are the coquinas, whose star recipe is cooked with oil and garlic. Literally scrumptious.

The Gurumelos, the "enzapatás beans" and the "Escacena chickpeas". The Huelva mushroom par excellence is the gurumelo. With an intense flavor and earthy aroma, gurumelo is cooked stirred, with garlic or with rice. Its price is usually high, although it varies a lot each year depending on the quantity that the field produces. "Enzapatás beans", meanwhile, are the appetizer that is never lacking in pilgrimages. They are cooked with pennyroyal and are usually served cold, although there are those who prefer them hot. Finally, the Escacena chickpeas are IPG (Progetida Geographical Indication), the only one in Andalusia in legumes.

The hornazo. In any part of Spain the hornazo is salty, and it depends on the place it is prepared with different ingredients. In Huelva, this typical Easter dessert is prepared with citron and almonds, which makes it a sweet; ideal to accompany the afternoon coffee.

DO Condado wine and Rubens beer. To accompany all these delicacies, there is nothing better than a good wine or a very fresh craft beer. In the County we find the Denomination of Origin that bears his name. Traditionally, we associate this denomination with white wine and the zalema grape. However, more and more high-quality reds are being produced, which have won national awards. But, if you're more of a beer, then Rubens. In La Redondela we find their factory, and both in this town and in Huelva there are two gastrobars with the same name and where you can taste all the types they produce. If you are interested in how it is done, the factory can be visited.

From land or sea, Huelva's gastronomic proposal is very special for its quality, its variety and for the care with which these products are treated both in restaurants and in the kitchens of "choqueros". Gastronomy and Huelva go hand in hand, they are an inseparable whole that effectively elevates your senses.

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