Feria de Abril 2019

Streets with lanterns, booths, horses, food, gitana dresses, dancing, a good talk, happiness and laughter...We call it Feria de Abril (April’s Fair)!

It is a profane festival that’s celebrated two weeks after Semana Santa (Holy Week). This year it’s the 3rd time it won’t take place in April as a reason that Holy Week was celebrated late, until 21st op April. Los Sevillanos love this festivity and it’s the ideal way to spend some time with family and friends. Just like Holy Week, it is declared as an International Tourist Interest.


The origins can be found in 1846 in August when two councillors were settled in Seville. They are Narciso Bonaplata and José María de Ybarra who organised a livestock fair for agricultural reasons. When Queen Isabel II agreed to the idea of the celebration, the first fair happened one year later on 18 April 1847 at Prado de San Sebastian with 19 casetas (= booths) and it was a success! After that, traders of the fair requested to the city council a better presence with more police because of the crowded audience that attended. Since then the Feria grew and became more a social character and the numbers of visitors was increasing. It has become a tradition to celebrate it every year.

The duration of the celebration used to be celebrated for only three days but since the 50’s it’s celebrated for a week and still is. Until 3 years ago, the Feria began on Monday and ended on a Sunday but now it’s from Saturday to Saturday

The meaning for the word Feria derives from a Latin word which the Romans used as an indication of holidays. In this way they started to celebrate festivities and maybe even for religious reasons.


This year we have our Feria from the 4th until 12th of May. It takes place in the neighbourhood between Los Remedios and Tablada divided in three areas: Real de la Feria, la Calle del Infierno and many parking lots.

La Portada is the main entrance of the fair and it’s every year commemorated to a monument of building of the city. This year, la Portada’s design is inspired by el Pabellón de Sevilla from the Exhibition of 1929, called Seville, Scene of Art, Culture and History.

In Real de la Feria the area consists of 25 blocks and 15 streets with more than 1000 booths that belong to families or friends. It’s where you can find the horses, casetas and tent pavilions. The casetas are the “home” for the local people and guests during Feria. There are two kinds of casetas: private ones for families and friends and public ones that belong to the districts of the city . Each caseta has a bar, kitchen and a sound system.

 La Calle del Infierno is a temporary amusement park for children and adults. It has attractions, called “cacharittos” and gaming areas... it’s the reason why it’s preferred by the little kids! You can enjoy more than 500 activities here.

Also all the streets are covered in a specific yellow colour which we call albero, you can also find it in the Portada of the year.

The fashion and clothing style during this period is also very important and meaningful. For men, the traditional outfit is a short jacket, tight trousers, boots and maybe a “Cordobés” hat. But nowadays it’s replaced with a suit or shirt with pants. More women wear their traditional clothes which are the gypsy dresses known as the gitana dress. Every year there are specific fashion trends that are followed by many girls and woman!

Each street in la Real de La Feria is named after a Sevillian bullfighter. It’s also the season when the bullfighting starts. The schedule can be found here https://www.taquillaoficial.com/entradas-toros-sevilla-la-maestranza-de-...


There are some activities or things you have to see at Feria that you can’t miss:

  • El Alumbrao

If you want to see the start of Feria de Abril, it is called “El Alumbrao”. It takes place on Saturday night at 12, at la Portada. It’s the moment when all the light bulbs light up through the streets and throughout the area. This night may also be known as La Noche del Pescaíto, Night of the Fish because it’s traditional food here and we love it. On the menu is fried fish, accompanied by cold meats, cheeses and drinks!

  • Paseo de Caballos

During the day there are many horsemen riding with their horses and carriages. It’s considered to be a spectacular show of Feria.

  • Wear un traje de gitana

If you like fashion and want to wear a typical gitana-style dress for the Feria but not buy and own one, it’s possible to rent one for the celebration... but be on time, it’s a popular way to do this.

  • Fireworks

On the last day, on Saturday at midnight there is a firework spectacle show. The best place to see it is on the Guadalquivir.

So, hopefully we’ll see you soon this week for the Feria celebrations! And if not.. next year maybe