#FAVMONUMENT: Alameda de Hércules


It’s been a while since we’ve posted about our #FAVMONUMENT. We’re back now and this week we have a new favorite place, situated in the historic centre of Seville that we would like to share with you. Some of you may have heard of it, others not... It is Alameda De Hércules!

The origins of Alameda were found in the old channel of the Guadalquivir that probably streamed here, beginning its entrance through the area of the Alameda that ends in the area of the Cathedral. But by years and years, the channel moved to the west. Alameda was a low area where the water of the river accumulated when it overflowed.

In 1574 the Count of Barajas, closed the ditches on the lands where they wanted to build the avenue. In the same year, they added at the southern part of the square two columns: a sign of the admiration for the Roman archaeological remains during that time. These columns came from Mármoles Street in the Jewish Quarter that you can still find. Legends say it belonged to a temple. On these two columns, you can see two people: Hercules, because he was the mythical founder of the city and Julio César, the restorer of Hispalis.

190 years later, in 1764, they planted poplars, added fountains and in the northern zone, they added two new columns with two lions that each wears a shield on one of Spain and one of Seville.

In 2009, the Alameda de Hércules was once again opened to the public following almost three years of remodeling works.  Today it is the largest square we own in Seville, it’s the most extensive of the public spaces located inside the old part of the city. All street furniture is new, including lamp posts, benches, fountains, and pergolas. It’s located between near the Guadalquivir and the Macarena neighborhood.

We love this square because of its unique columns that are located on each side. It’s the perfect place to have a drink, eat ice cream, try some tapas and meet new people. It’s for young and old people and many dogs are walking around. There are spaces for kids to play and there are often events or concerts happening here. We just love the atmosphere at day and night.

Here we have some recommendations for our favorite places:

  • La Casa Azul: known as the blue house. It has a very nice atmosphere, where you can have a coffee with breakfast or go at night. They also play some good music!
  • La Piazza: if you’re a bit hungry, you can get a big slice of pizza for only 2 euros here! Very cheap and very tasty!
  • 1987 Bar: only open after 10.30pm but worth going there if you have the chance! They play songs from the eighties and the atmosphere is amazing!
  • Freskura: some ice cream to have a cool feeling!
  • Duo Tapas: At the end of Alameda there’s a tapas bar with modern tapas with an excellent taste! Recommended if you’re looking for a little extra!

What’s your favorite spot in Alameda?