Best Vegan & Vegetarian options in Seville

Okay, we admit it: going to bars in Seville following a vegetarian diet can be a bit tricky. Although there are many options (more and more), in many places you will find almost exclusively these three:

  • Chickpeas With Spinach. And be careful because in some places they do not offer them all year round since it is traditionally a fall and winter dish.
  • Salmorejo and gazpacho. Both are summer dishes, although it is easy to find it on the menus all year round, especially the salmorejo. Of course, it is necessary to advise that they do not accompany it with ham. And if your diet is also vegan, also warn not to add the boiled egg.
  • Spanish Omelette. Which must be discarded if you do not eat egg.

In recent years it is also common to find fried eggplants with honey. Luckily, honey is usually made from cane. And if the aforementioned tapas do not appear, at least we will always have salads (attention: here there is a certain obsession with adding tuna to almost all of them).

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. More and more bars and restaurants are concerned with satisfying our animal-free stomachs. We are going to recommend our favorites:

Arroz de Gaia

Gaia (Luis de Vargas, nº4)
It was one of the first vegetarian restaurants to open in the city, not only as a vegetarian but also as organic, with gluten-free and lactose-intolerant dishes, etc. The best option is the daily menu, because of the variety it offers and because it has a very affordable price. Our recommendations are the stuffed tomatoes and the potato stew with mushrooms.

El Paladar (Lumbreras, nº14)
It is not an exclusively vegetarian bar, so it is ideal for a dinner or lunch with carnivorous friends and that everyone is happy. In addition, it is a small and cozy place, as if you were with family. Of the tapas they offer, we recommend the couscous with vegetables and the spinach croquettes. Delicious!

Burguers De Veganitessen

The Feria street market is a mandatory stop to truly know the day-to-day life of the city. The neighborhood is a very active area in terms of coexistence and leisure. And the market continues to be a social center. If you have a while to take a break, we recommend that you stop at Condede for a beer and some vegetarian or vegan gyozas or arepas. This way you will enjoy homemade food and a good conversation with the hosts of the business. You will also find El Pitacasso right there, with Lebanese fusion food, the best pitas in town and delicious and varied hummus, you can't ask for more!

Veganitessen (Arenal Market)
We are going to another market to enjoy this category restaurant, completely vegan where you can find hamburgers, nachos, stews, curries, tortillas and a little bit of everything. In addition to pairing all the dishes with local craft beers in an atmosphere fused between the tradition of the market and the new trends. To finish a lunch there is no better way than a 100% vegan dessert and bless the hands that make these cakes!

Arte y Sabor

Arte y Sabor (Alameda de Hércules 85)

We adore this restaurant, also with a mixture of different Mediterranean gastronomic cultures. Falafel, couscous, croquettes and delicious vegetarian and vegan salads. Of the vegetarian offer, the hummus is one of their best dishes, and the vegetarian burger is also a good option (the steak is made with lentils). Do not stop asking about the dishes off the menu.

This list is one of our favorite places, although there are also more options such as: La huerta 9, Veganí or El Habanita among others. So if you dare to do a tapas tour with us and you are vegetarian, let us know! Our gastronomy experts will know how to guide you through vegan and vegetarian Seville, finding the best options in all areas.

* Remember that we also offer vegetarian cooking classes and chef at home!