Best tapas bars in Seville: Our recommendations

Taberna Coloniales (Calle Fernández y González nº36-38 -near Plaza Nueva-, or Plaza del Cristo de Burgos). A good place for tapas, very popular and not expensive at all. It is necessary to go early because it fills up fast and we will have to wait at the bar until our turn comes. Thank goodness that with beers the wait is much more pleasant. Best Tapas:

  • Quail eggs with ham.
  • Spicy potatoes.
  • Sirloin with whiskey, with Roquefort sauce, with Castilian or Port sauce.
  • Salmorejo.
  • Squid from the field: fried pepper and onion strips.
  • Desserts: piononos, the specialty of Granada.
  • Wines: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Rueda (if you prefer white).

El Rinconcillo Restaurant (Calle Gerona 40). It is one of the oldest tapas bar in the city, dating back to 1670. Its specialty is classic tapas, a large selection of wines and good prices. It is the mark of tradition.

Best Tapas:

  • Cod pavia.
  • Cheeks in sauce.
  • Iberian Ham.
  • Chickpeas With Spinach. It is the typical dish of Lent.
  • Salad
  • Prawns and prawns.

Salvador Square. Around the square you will find several bars and restaurants. We recommend three, where in addition to eating you will find fresh Cruzcampo. They tend to fill up quickly, so if you want tapas there, it is recommended that you go early.

  • Freiduría El Salvador: fried fish and croquettes. A waiter serves the tables outside.
  • Bodeguita Los Soportales: montaditos especially.
  • La Antigua Bodeguita: good cheese, fantastic Serrano ham, fried fish and meat. It is our favorite.

La Cantina is located in the Feria food market and is over a century old. Its products are those of the market and it specializes in fried and grilled fish. It has a very lively atmosphere! Around the market there are other very interesting bars ...

El algabeño: Food of a lifetime, great atmosphere.
La Almadraba: specialized in tuna from Barbate (Cádiz) and luxury preserves (try the sarda). Inside the market you can also find sushi and paella stalls.
El Pitacasso: Lebanese food in the city center. Try their pitas, hummus or falafel.

Las Columnas-Bodega Santa Cruz (Mateos Gago street). Popular, traditional, and at a great price. Their specialty is montaditos, salad and fried fish. Our favorite tapa is the montadito de pringá (don't ask, just order it), and the dogfish in adobo sauce. In the same street is the Taberna de Álvaro Peregil, whose specialties are manzanilla, orange wine and seasoned tomato.


The Crown Jewels:

La Azotea (calle Jesús del Gran Poder nº31, calle Conde de Barajas nº12, calle Mateos Gago nº8). This chain has become the gastronomic reference of Seville. Although it is a bit expensive, the quality is worth its price. Everything is delicious, including the homemade desserts so ... save room for dessert!

Yebra (Calle Medalla Milagrosa nº3). This restaurant is located outside the tourist area and is a classic among foodies. In it you can enjoy the pleasure of haute cuisine in tapas. Everything is so delicious that we do not know what to recommend.

Eslava (Eslava street, San Lorenzo square). We are not sure whether to recommend this restaurant or not because it is always full. Which is the reason? The best value for money in the area. What to order? Sirloin with dill sauce, the vegetable strudel (my favorite), the Bécquer cigar (surprise!) And the boletus with egg on top.

And if you want us to accompany you through these wonderful bars, we will show you their history and recommend the best tapas, come with us to do one of our gastronomic tours and you will experience Seville and its gastronomy from our hand.